About Us

Our Code of Ethics


While in the pursuit of excellence in the areas of on-time delivery, quality, and efficiency, we shall strive to develop the virtues of honor, accountability, integrity, and cooperation. This approach requires us to take pride in our work, get along with others, respect ourselves, and stay true to our cause.


All customers, suppliers, employees, and affiliates, regardless of status, age, gender, or race, shall be treated equally. We shall value the contributions & ideas of each and every team member.


Follow the golden rule; treat others the way you would like to be treated. Put yourself in others peoples shoes before you make decisions, strive to maximize the positive outcome for everyone.


We shall acquire the professional knowledge and skills to perform our tasks. Implement them while striving to continually perfect our personal and collective achievements. We shall conduct ourselves in a professional manner, knowing that, we cannot control situations, but what we can control is how we react to them.


We shall keep our minds focused on our goals, understanding that we cannot rely on luck. There is no luck; there is only the point at which preparation meets opportunity.

Team Work

We shall strive to continually work together as a team; in doing this, we shall execute effective communication, listening to the ideas of every team member.


When a new opportunity for development or production arises, we want to be the first company that our customers think of. The first people who are called, because our customers know that when they are dealing with Incotec, they are dealing with a company that understands that aircraft don’t get a second chance at quality, that understands that our success depends on theirs, and that understands that we are dedicated to delivering innovative products and processes for many years to come.