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Innovative Coatings Technology Corporation
Mojave Air and Space Port
1347 Poole Street
Mojave, CA 93501
(661) 824-8101

Our Incotec Team

Lucas Zotegouon
Plant Manager
Ext. 320

Mark Butterworth
Plant Controller
Ext. 337

Jose Gonzalez
Operations Manager
Ext. 335

Chris Crawford
Facilities Manager AFCO
Ext. 314

Emmy Banuelos
Sr Customer Service
Ext. 327

Charlie Humphrey
Quality Assurance Manager/FCO
Ext. 326

Lawanna Wheatly
HR Manager
Ext. 329

Maria Adapon
R&D/Lab Manager
Ext. 312

Manuel Jaramillo
EHS Manager
Ext. 323

Ivan Flores
IT Site Tech
Ext. 309

Quality Questions?

For any quality related questions, please contact Charlie Humphrey at (661) 824-8101 ext. 326

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